Recall of Bikonit battery for safety concern

Dear Bikonit Customers,

Thank you so much for trusting us and riding with Bikonit all-terrain ebikes. We highly appreciate your Support. We have always been putting safety concerns as a priority for Bikonit customers. In this case, we keep developing and testing every ebike designed and manufactured by Bikonit, Inc. Recently, the test lab detected a potential risk of the battery BMS system. In the BMS chipboard, we found that the ceramic capacitor may fail and lead to battery dysfunction, or even serious consequences if riding strenuously. So hereby, we would like to recall your batteries on board and do an upgrade to eliminate hidden safety hazards for our customers.

Please follow the instructions below and get yourself registered: 

1. Please click HERE and you will be redirected to the FTH website. (FTH is the professional authorized third party company and they will be in charge of upgrade of Bikonit batteries during this recall.)

2. Please fill in the form on the redirected page as it shows on the page. Please note that if your Bikonit ebike is a single-battery version, you only need to type one barcode in the "S/N OR Barcode #" area, if your ebike is a dual battery version, please put down two. Under the "Description of Problem", write "Bikonit Battery Recall".

3. After FTH Power receives your request and verifies the warranty status, you will receive an RMA number along with shipping instructions and shipping form. Please print the form and include it in the box when you decide to ship your battery to FTH Power.

4. Please do keep in mind once you got the RMA number from FTH, please forward it to for better service and tracking. 

To show our sincere apologies, every customer will get a $100 coupon from the Bikonit web store, and your battery warranty will be extended for 2 more months from the date your RMA is generated. 

Click HERE to start the recall registration.

The recall process is totally free of charge. If you have any other questions please email us at or call Carlos (323) 572-8211. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Bikonit, Inc.