Ebikes are one of the rapid-growing categories in the cycling industry. The main types of ebike drive systems are geared hub-drive motor and mid-drive motor. For a hub-drive ebike, the motor is positioned on the front or rear wheel, with the motor placed handily in the wheel hub, while for a mid-drive ebike, the motor is positioned directly in between the pedals at the bike’s bottom bracket.

With the upgrading of people's consumption, in recent years, ebikes equipped with high-performance mid-drive motor systems have become a new force, and their market share has been increased year by year, attracting more and more ebike manufacturers and ebike enthusiasts.

Nowadays, most top-grade ebikes with high performance sold in America use mid-drive motors. So, what are the advantages of mid-drive motors compared with hub-drive motors?

A low and central center of gravity is more reasonable and user-friendly, which providing load balancing and creating the feeling of riding a traditional non-electric bike. Placing the motor in the middle position of the frame ensures high efficiency of the performance, giving the ebike solid directional and tracking stability, while also ensuring the safety as well as the smooth acceleration of the ebike, avoiding problems such as the unstable center of gravity caused by turning.

The torque sensor is more sensitive compared with the hub-drive motor. The acceleration of the mid-drive motor is faster which has a smaller rotor to provide more torque so that the ebike could provide a relatively higher load and climbing power especially on some complex terrain like hills.

Fewer connecting wires are used for a mid-drive motor which makes a higher degree of integration. The controller and sensor are integrated with the mid-drive motor. That means, only some wires connected to other components are exposed to the outside such as meters, front lights, etc. This integrated design makes an ebike equipped with a mid-drive motor compact and easier to maintain.

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