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Great Daily  Companion  

 pull over your car and jump on an eBike

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in rush hour traffic for city commuters, and if there’s an accident, you can be at a standstill for hours. E-bikes can bypass all that traffic while still getting you to work or home in a timely fashion and sweatless. The combo of pedal assist and throttle drive of Bikonit™ all-terrain eBikes will burn some calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle strength, but prevent your ride from becoming a complete workout you’re not dressed for, allowing you to attend conferences or hang out with friends. Even if you are a farm landowner, bikonit eikes will help you immensely!

Features for daily use

3 Riding Modes: Bike Pedal-assist Throttle / Addressing Multiple Scenario Needs

We put three riding modes on Bikonit e-bikes to cover either city ride or Countryside. You can ride it as a regular bicycle and get much exercise as you want with the help of a mechanical gear shifting system from Sram or Sturmey Archer. 

If you want the right amount of exercise but do not get exhausted, you can activate PAS mode. Now, the Pedal Assist System will accurately detect your riding intention through *torque or cadence sensors, and the motor will engage to help;

Or you can twist the throttle and make the bike drive you around effortlessly. Just like you press the accelerator pedal in your car! 

*MD1000 comes with Bafang Ultra MidDrive, Torque Sensor;

*HD 750 comes with Bafang Hud Drive, Cadence Sensor.

 Dual Battery System / Go Further to 90~100 Miles Range

How far you can cover on a single charge may be the most important thing to consider when you want to choose an electric car. With Bikonit™ eBikes, the answer is over *70 miles with a *750/1000W power system. With this power, you can go where you want more often. Not only the paved roads in cities but also meet up with friends on the weekends to go to the countryside, the beach, the mountains and forests nearby where the power system is a must. When you want to put a trailer behind to bring children or shopping, the Bikonit™ dual battery system guarantees that you have enough power and range. The LCD intergraded USD port can charge your devices if needed out there.

*MD1000 comes with two batteries standard, 70+ miles range.

*MD750 comes with one battery standard, 32+miles; 70+miles with an extra battery, costs $599.

*HD750 comes with one battery standard,28+miles; 60+ miles with an extra battery, costs $599

Multi-Speed Gears, Air Shock, Fat Tire / Comfortable Riding Experience

All ebikes have to be a superior bike fundamentally. The rigorous frame design of Bikonit™ eBikes provides you with a comfortable riding position, together with the *multi-speed gear system, air shock absorption, and fat tires, you can get an unprecedented riding experience. Make your daily journey more comfortable and effortless.

*Different models have different transmission systems. The HMD750 and MD750 will be equipped with Sram 9-speed and Bikonit customed air forks. MD1000 will be equipped with sturmey Archer internal five-speed and Gates belt drive

*All models will be equipped with air suspension. MD750 / 1000 will be equipped with Maxxis series fat tires, HD750 will be equipped with Kenda fat tires

Hydraulic Disc Brakes / Super Safe in All-weather All-terrain 

Your safety is our priority! All Bikonit™ all-terrain eBikes have equipped with Tektro two-piston / four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with power cut-off function both on F/R wheel as standard. With 203mm disc brake pads, hunting and fishing enthusiasts can better control their vehicles. Together with fat tires and high-power motors, you can stop at any time and anywhere. The battery system makes sure the lithium battery system will be safe when charging-discharging.

*MD750/MD1000 comes with Tektro 4-piston brakes and 203 rotor;

*HD750 comes with Tektro 2-piston brakes and 203 rotor.

Rich Accessories / Tune Up Your Ebike for Different Purpose 

Tune-up your bike! 

We offer you a bunch of accessories for you to choose from. F/R racks, F/R fenders, folding trailers, panniers, hooks, and other accessories you may need to achieve a different purpose. You can mount F/R racks so you can hang at least three panniers besides your backpack to carry more equipment that you can't take by walking. You can attach a trailer when you need to carry big equipment or need to bring back your trophies, the trailer is even foldable so that you can fold the trailer and hang it on the bike when set off. This helps to improve your riding experience and ease. No need to worry about the power because you got 1400/1500W peak output.

You will even get an onboard USD port to charge your gadgets.

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