hunting & Fishing  

 a disruptive way for hunting & fishing lovers

Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes allows you to get to your hunting or fishing location while sweating less and leaving less ground scent. With the incredible long autonomy that is ensured with two batteries, along with its powerful engine, Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes would definitely be a huge plus when you are going into deep woods and fishing spots that are hindered by the rough terrains while a vehicle can not serve the purpose or at least way too noisy when comparing with Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes. Designed to carry heavy loads, Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes could easily carry you and your trophies home and make the trip easier and funnier.

Features for Hunting&Fishing

750/1000W E-Power System /  Conquer All Terrain Scentless and Effortlessly

Maybe you are tired of the exhaust of ATV, maybe you have old injuries, maybe you want to check the trail cameras more efficiently, maybe you want to go to the creek or hunting spots that others haven't reached. Whether you are in a forest or a stream, the terrain is flat or undulating, the *750 / 1000W motor from Bafang can provide a continuous flow of power when you need it. They are quieter and free of emissions and pollution which makes you "stealthy", give you more confidence to find the gift of nature that belongs to you.

*MD1000 comes with Bafang Ultra MidDrive 1000W, Max torque 160NM, Torque Sensor;

*MD750   comes with Bafang Ultra MidDrive 750W, Max Torque 160NM; Torque Sensor

*HD 750 comes with Bafang Hud drive 750W, Max torque 80NM, Cadence Sensor.

 Dual Battery System / Go Further To 90~100 miles Range

Switch on, accelerate to 28 mph, and start your adventure! Just leave the range thing to the Dual Battery System. But you, only need to focus on your destination and the trophies. Thanks to the dual battery system developed by Bikonit™, you can get more than 70 miles on a single charge. The battery system will better balance the condition of each battery group and display it on the color display on the handlebar in real time. Gives you more confidence to go further and reach fishing / hunting destinations that others cannot reach faster.

*MD1000 comes with two batteries standard;

*HD750/MD750 comes with one battery standard, extra battery costs $599.

Multi-Speed Gears, Air Shock, Fat Tire/ Comfortable Riding Experience

There will be almost no flat land in any hunting or fishing spots, especially when where you are going to maybe even more unspoiled and wild. In this case, the multi-speed gear system, air shock absorption and fat tires on Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes will give you an unprecedented riding experience. Make your journey more comfortable and effortless. 

*Different models have different transmission systems. The HMD750 and MD750 will be equipped with Sram 9-speed and Bikonit customed air forks. MD1000 will be equipped with sturmey Archer internal five-speed and Gates belt drive

*All models will be equipped with air suspension. MD750 / 1000 will be equipped with Maxxis series fat tires, HD750 will be equipped with Kenda fat tires

Hydraulic Disc Brakes / Super Safe in All-weather All-terrain 

All Bikonit™ all terrain eBikes are equipped with Tektro two-piston / four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with power cut-off function both on F/R wheel as standard. With 203mm disc brake pads, hunting and fishing enthusiasts can better control their vehicles. Together with fat tires and high-power motors, you can stop at anytime and anywhere, whether in gravel, mud, snow or sand.

*MD750/MD1000 comes with Tektro 4-piston brakes and 203 rotor;

*HD750 comes with Tektro 2-piston brakes and 203 rotor.

Rich Accessories / Tune Up Your eBike for Different Purpose 

Tune Up Your Bike! 

We offer you a bunch of accessories for you to choose from. F/R racks, F/R fenders, folding trailers, panniers, hooks and other accessories you may need to achieve different purpose. You can mount F/R racks so you can hang at least three panniers besides your backpack to carry more equipments that you can't take by walking. You can attach a trailer when you need to carry big equipment or need to bring back your trophies, the trailer is even foldable so that you can fold the trailer and hang it on the bike when set off. This helps to improve your riding experience and ease. No need to worry about the power because you got 1400/1500W peak output.

You will even get a on board USD port to charge your gadgets.

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